Sunday, August 30, 2015

Week 5.5: Teaching By the Spirit ~ August 29, 2015


Because they moved our p-day they gave us a little extra time to email today.   Which is good because I have two awesome things to update everyone on!

First thing: Elder Christofferson came on Wednesday.  It was so incredible to hear from an apostle of the Lord, but even more incredible was realizing that he is just a regular person who used his agency wisely the majority of the time. One of the best parts was when his wife talked about charity (and she quoted my plaque scripture) and then Elder Christofferson continued talking about it and it felt like they were thinking about me when they wrote this because charity has basically been the theme of the CCM for me and probably my whole mission. 
Then today we were teaching in TRC and the volunteer told us that he hadn't been to church in over two years.  So we started talking about why we have church and then we shared Moroni 6:4-6 with him and when I asked him what he thought he picked out the part about how they gathered to "speak together concerning the welfare of their souls" WHICH WAS EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED HIM TO GET FROM IT!!! Then he started crying and said that he never thought of church as a place to go to get support but that really was it's purpose.  Then my companion and I both bore our testimonies about church attendance and how it's not a place you go when you're being perfect, but someone where people get together to work together for a common goal.  And pretty soon we were all crying and we asked him if he would go to church tomorrow and he said YES! Then we asked him to pray and he was really hesitant but he did and it was awesome.  I'm so sad I won't be able to follow up with him but it was great.  And it was all in Spanish! Just the experience I need to get me excited to leave on Monday.

Well, I love you all.  Keep up the good fight on the home front.
Hermana Schmidt

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