Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week 20 (I think): Hope ~ December 7, 2015

Well family and friends,

This was one of those weeks that is better forgotten.  We knocked doors all day every day and had only 18 lessons in the whole week. (usually we have at least 25 if not more like 30) No one came to church and so there is no one with a baptismal date and no one progressing.  It was rough. 

But all is not lost! We have a lot of appointments set up for this week and with a new week comes new faith.

This morning I was studying about hope.  Preach my gospel says that hope is believe that God will keep his promises. When we have hope we do all that He asks of us because we know that he is going to keep his promises.  Maybe we couldn't see it this last week but I know that if we keep working hard, God will keep his promises and there will be miracles.  We just can't lose hope.  

Maybe right now you feel like God has forgotten you. But don't lose hope! Keep doing your part and you can rest assured that God ALWAYS keeps his promises.
Have a great week! 

Los amo!

Hermana Schmidt

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