Sunday, January 10, 2016

Week 23: I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22! ~ December 28, 2015

Haha. Just kidding. I feel no different now that I'm 22. We were going to throw me a callejoneada (which is a birthday party that is traditional to Zacatecas. There is a band and a donkey with barrells of any drinkable liquid and they walk/dance through the streets of downtown.) but it turns out that renting a donkey is rather expensive and we also are not allowed to throw parties as missionaries. Haha. 

Well Christmas is a pretty boring time to be a missionary. No one wants us to visit them so we have a lot of activities. Which is sort of fun and sort of crummy because it makes you feel like you're not fulfilling your purpose. But that's ok.  We still had a good week and a good Christmas.  I made a lot of tamales. Tamales are the traditional Christmas fare here in Zacatecas so we helped a lot of people make tamales for there Christmas parties and now we have a fridge full.  

No one came to church again. Maybe I'll just stop writing that no one came to church and you all can just assume that unless I say that someone came, nobody came. But almost no one in the ward was there either. Everyone went traveling for the holidays.  But as always, new week, new start.  

Keep praying for me and for Zacatecas! Love you!

Hermana Schmidt

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