Saturday, November 19, 2016

Week 59 ~ September 5, 2016

Well I don't think I've ever had a more roller coaster week in my whole mission. There have been a lot of awesome things and a lot of hard things. We had one day were we had 7 appointments, which is crazy because there have been weeks here when we don't have 7 appointments. We had members who were going to accompany us to all of the appointments with investigators. That never happens. I finished my planning the night before and thought "Maybe I have learned a thing or two in the last 13 months." And guess what happened? No one was there. We finished the day with 3 lessons, none of which were with a member present. I wanted to die.

But then when we did our weekly planning session we were planning for 3 baptisms. For a lot of you that probably seems normal but I have never planned for more than one baptism in a week. I felt like we were doing awesome all over again. Then Sunday came and NONE of our investigators with baptismal dates came! We talked about it with the ward mission leader, the bishop and the district leader and chances are they will still all be baptized this week. (All three had real reasons they didn't come. It wasn't just that they didn't want to) But it's just not as exciting as it would've been and it frustrates me when things don't go according to my plan.

The big news around here the last few days has been Trump's visit to Mexico. The people here are, as you can imagine, not huge fans of him. I basically tell people I have no idea what's going on there politically and I just pray that people with make wise decisions. Last week I was listening to a talk by Elder Cook and I thought he gave some really wise counsel. He said that everyone should feel obligated to vote and "the cost of freedom has been too high, and the consequences of non-participation too great, for any citizen to feel they can ignore their responsibility." I can't really comment on candidates because I am absolutely ignorant of the situation but I can say that I think that Elder Cook gives us really wise counsel.

To finish I was also listening to Hank Smith's "Break-up with the World" and I love a quote that he shares. It says "The best decision I ever made was to give up something I loved to the God I loved even more. He has never forgotten me for it." Sometimes I think we forget that God rejoices with us, even if it's when we give up something we never should have had. It doesn't matter. He will always remember the sacrifices that we make because of our love for him. 

I love you all. Have a great week.
Hermana Schmidt

We went to a zoo! It was awesome. There were 3 white tigers, regular tigers, a lion, leopards, a camel, and all sorts of monkeys. And it was in the middle of nowhere. It was super cool. But the lion got a little agitated because we were REALLY close to him. I pretty sure he could have broken down the fence if he wanted to. Luckily he didn't want to. 

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