Saturday, November 19, 2016

Week 63 ~ October 3, 2016

Well Conference was amazing as usual. I don't know if you guys noticed how much they talked about joy. I loved that because living the gospel really does bring so much joy into my life and one of the greatest blessings of being a missionary is spending all of my time trying to share that joy with the people here. One of my favorite statements was from Presidente Nelson when he said "The unrighteous can experience many emotional sensations but the will never know joy."

This week a flat out miracle happened. The mission is full of miracles but sometimes they happen so slowly that you don't really notice, but this one was obvious. We were in companion exchanges and it was almost time to go to the house for the night. We decide to knock on one more door and walked a few blocks to an address that we had from a contact that the other missionaries had left in the area book from almost 2 years ago (we're getting a little creative in order to find people to teach). When we knocked on the door someone asked who without opening. We asked for the name we had and the voice told us that she didn't live there. Something told me to keep talking to her so I did and she opened the door. We explained that we were missionaries and wanted to share a message with her. We were pretty much shocked when she invited us in. I thought "She's either someone who is really prepared or she is going to murder us. That's a risk I'm going to have to take." When we were walking in she said to me "God sent you to me, didn't he?" I told her that He had. Turns out she was really prepared. She started telling us about how she's always tried to do what God asks and that right now she is attending a Christian church but has been feeling that God was going to introduce her to another church and was pretty sure that we had come to her house in answer to her pray to know where God wanted her to go. We had almost no time to teach her, and we didn't even have a Book of Mormon to give her, but regardless she accept another visit and came to the Sunday Morning session of conference. I hope we will be able to continue to see miracles with her and in our area. 

Everyone else is still progress. We have an investigator with a baptismal date for Saturday but she only has been taught the lesson about the restoration, so I think we'll probably be waiting at least another week. The point is that people are prepared not just that they agree so we will give her all the time she needs. 

Pray for us. And watch conference again. I would love to but we unfortunately still don't have iPads. #mexicoproblems
Have a great week.

Hermana Schmidt