Saturday, November 19, 2016

Week 67 ~ October 31, 2016 ~ Halloween/Día de Muertos

Happy Halloween! They basically don't celebrate Halloween here (there are some people who have parties or kids who go trick or treating but... that's about it) but everyone asks about it. A lot of people think that it's a satanic holiday and can't believe that the church lets us celebrate it. I'm not really sure still how to explain that but I don't feel like it's necessarily satanic. 

This week was a little challenging because they changed the boundaries of our area and the majority of our recent converts and several investigadores we were left with very little work. But that just meant we had to dedicate more time to finding. Which always goes super poorly in this area but... At least we were making an effort. And we saw some results and hope to see more in the coming weeks. 

Today, in celebration of Halloween, we got together with the elders of our district to carve pumpkins. They said that our companionships pumpkins turned out looking just like me, but I'll let you decide that 

Have a great week.

Hermana Schmidt


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