Saturday, November 19, 2016

Week 61 ~ September 19, 2016 ~ Las 24 Semanas

When a new missionary is in their first two transfers we call it their "12 semanas (weeks)" But right now the running joke among the missionaries is that I'm in week 13 of 24.  Jaja. Their say my mission is one eternal training. Jaja. But I have found that I really enjoy the opportunity to train new missionaries.

That being said, week 13 did not go very well for us. It was Mexican independence day last week (I always knew May 5th wasn't independence day but it still is kind of hard to adjust) and I don't know if everyone went on vacation or just didn't leave the house but the streets were empty, no one answered the door and everyone canceled their appointments. It was brutal. Then my companion got really discouraged when the typical new missionary blisters started. Poor thing basically reminds me of a Disney Princess so it wasn't hard to imagine that it would be difficult for her tiny body to handle. And our investigator who was going to be baptized this Saturday didn't come to church so we decided to wait until after general conference for the baptism. 

But all of that aside there we so many blessings. We received a lot of incredible references, we couldn't meet with any of them last week because they were busy, but we went to visit one earlier today and she is SO prepared. She accepted a baptismal date here in a few weeks (she has already been to church varios times) and we are super excited. And it felt nice to finally give my companion the opportunity to teach a first lesson. 

Well we're just going to keep working hard and I'm going to stop trying to figure everything out. Things here happen on a timetable that is not my own and I should be used to that by now.

Que estén bien! Besos!
Hermana Schmidt

Here is a picture of me with H. Bante, the other is a foto of one of the other new sisters named H Christensen. She came up to me and said "This is really weird but I already know you. I read your blog before I went to the MTC" Haha. 

And a #tbt (even though it's Monday. If you want to wait until Thursday to see the picture that would be fine) to when we went to the zoo!

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