Saturday, November 19, 2016

Week 62 ~ September 26, 2016 ~ Milagros

Well it was a great week here. I feel like I probably don't start enough of my emails like that even though it would be true. 

This week was a lot better. We had a lot more teaching appointments, we got to see the General Women's session (which was awesome. I would definitely recommend it for anyone who missed it.) and we had 5 investigators come to church. What a miracle. Venecia came with her daughter, accompanied by her boyfriend who is a member. Cristian, who is also the boyfriend of a member, came as well and he's actually seemed a little more genuine in his interest in the gospel. Patricia and Joselin came for the second time and they are actually progressing a lot, even though sometimes I'm not so sure. I think it's Patricia is a little antisocial and that makes her kind of hard to read. But she shared some really spiritual thoughts in Sunday school that helped me to see the progress that she's making. 

And what made me the most happy is that Moises came with his daughters! Finally everything seems to be one track again so that he can be baptized October 8th. And his daughters said that they enjoyed church and stayed all 3 hours. Hopefully we can start teaching them as well this week.
Well. There are always miracles when you look for them.

Enjoy the cooler weather! 

Hermana Schmidt

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