Friday, July 15, 2016

Week 33 ~ March 7, 2016 ~ Sacrifice


I cannot believe that it's already March. It makes me feel a little bit better about the heat, although apparently April and May are the hottest months. This may just be the summer that I finally get a tan. I'm not counting on it but I feel like this is my best shot.

This week went pretty well. Things were kind of hard with my new companion. I think she was pretty upset about having special transfers and it took me a while to adjust to her... mannerisms. But we had a great companionship inventory and now things are going a lot better. 

This week we walked a lot and had a really hard time finding people to teach. But we had a member who brought a friend to our English class and he seemed excited to read the book of Mormon. The nice things is that his christian and not catholic. They are usually a little more accepting. Well... No one here is very accepting but the good thing is they've already changed religions once. 

We had 3 investigators at church this week! María who is still planning on getting baptized a week from Saturday, Jessica who is living with a less active member and Alfonso who is the brother of a recent convert. We were planning on a lot more but we're very happy with the three that came and hope to have even more next week. 
This week I was studying in 4 Nephi chapter 1:41. It talks about how the wicked people put a lot of money into their church's and that got me thinking about what it really means to sacrifice. I used to think that Christ gave his life so that we wouldn't have to suffer, but that's not really true. He did it so that as we, imperfectly, sacrifice our self, it can be enough. That sacrifice can still meet the demands of just and we can be perfected. But we still have to sacrifice everything that we are. At some point (i don't remember doing it ) I wrote in the margin of my book of Mormon "Are you willing to sacrifice who you are now, in order to become who God wants you to be?" And I guess that's really the question. I sure hope that I'm willing.

I love you all!

Hermana Schmidt

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