Saturday, July 16, 2016

Week 45 ~ May 30, 2016 ~ Another Week in the Life

Hola familia,

I feel like the past week just flew by. I'm basically just trying to survive until transfers because even though we've found some people willing to help us they have lives too so we are running around trying to conform the plans to work that I have with their schedules. A young lady that is getting ready to go on a mission in august was with me a few days last week but I think she kind of got burnt out. She said she would be coming back today in the afternoon but today she sent me a text that she can't until Wednesday. Which left me with a lot of appointments and without a companion. We found someone for today but without someone who can live with me in the house here it's a LOT of work to be here in my area. But the Lord has been so merciful and we've still been able to teach and the mother of out two recent converts, Irma, came to church. I was expecting more investigators but hopefully this week. 
It's weird that even though I don't have a companion I still don't feel as lonely as I did those first few weeks with H. Yañez. I actually think that time with her really prepared me for all this that is happening now and I've been able to cope better because I was able to build trust with the Holy Ghost who is the only companion I've had my whole mission. 

This has been hard, juggling companions and managing an area alone, but I feel honored that my mission president and the Lord have trusted me with this and strengthened by their confidence in me. 
Pray for me to find sisters with the desire to be missionaries for a few days. And more people to teach.

Love you all!

Hermana Schmidt 

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