Friday, July 15, 2016

Week 34 ~ March 14, 2016 ~ Tender Mercies

Well, it was a hard week for me. Things will my companion haven't been as naturally easy as they were with my other companions and so it's been a struggle for us to get along. And I feel like not getting along with her has made me think a lot in my personal faults and how they contribute to the strain in our relationship.  The combination of the two got me really down and by Sunday morning I was pretty much wondering what in the world I was doing here. Then we were standing outside the church and I look to see a family that we've been teaching the past few week (Armando and Miriam with their sons Alan and Mateas) walking towards the church. Tears came to my eyes as I immediately remember exactly what I am doing here. 

And even better is that this week Marí is going to be baptized! We are super excited and so is she. She's sad that my last companion isn't here and that her mom passed away before she good see her baptism, but when we explained that after her baptism she can take her mom's name to the temple and be baptized for her she felt a lot better.

Well, sending lots of love from her. Pray for me so that I can be a better companion. 

Hermana Schmidt

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