Friday, July 15, 2016

Week 39 ~ April 18, 2016 ~ La Feria Nacional de San Marcos

Well it is official the fair here in Aguascalientes. Every year in April they have a huge fair for "Saint Mark" here in Aguascalientes. It is supposedly one of the biggest fairs in Mexico. I was pretty worried about it because part of where they have the fair is in our area. But really it's just annoying. 4 investigators didn't come to church this week because they were too tired after spending all night at the fair. And it makes it kind of hard for my companion to sleep. Which makes her kind of grumpy which makes her kind of difficult to live with but I think we're all going to make it out alive. 

This week we had 5 investigators in sacrament meeting again, but a different 5 from last week. This week Alfonso (the brother of a recent convert, I think I've written about him before) came to church with his daughter Carol. Alfonso is planning on getting baptized May 14th and we are really excited about that. The Paredes' also came. They are a family of 4. The parents, Armando and Miriam with their two sons, Alan and Matius. The parents and Alan (who just barely turned 8) all want to be baptized but Armando and Miriam aren't married and Alan doesn't want to be baptized alone. So for right now they don't have baptismal dates but we're hoping that they'll be able to get married soon in order to be able to be baptized. 

Well keep praying for us. I can definitely feel your prayers as things have continued to improve with my companion and with the area where we are working. 

Thank you!

Hermana Schmidt

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