Saturday, July 16, 2016

Week 43 ~ May 16, 2016 ~ The Happenings in Versalles

Well it has been quite the week here and it's going to be another. My new companion is amazing and I love her. She has the sweetest spirit a person could have a just radiates kindness. 

Saturday Alfonso was baptized and it was one of the most spiritual events I have ever participated in. He has changed so much and his testimony is so strong. His mom has come to church the last two weeks and came to the baptism. She's a little hesitant because she's been studying with the Jehovah Witnesses for many years but now that two of her sons are members of the church I think she's more interested in what we have to share with her.

Today Presidente Villareal and his wife invited us to have lunch with them at their house. My companion was in the ward before and they had promised her lunch at their house. That's why we got to the internet so late and I didn't have time to answer people well. Presidente also wanted to talk with my companion because she has some problems with her feet and legs and we called him last week because she doesn't feel like she can keep up with the rigors of missionary work. They talked and she's going home tomorrow. I'm pretty bummed because I love her, but she's really been suffering and it's probably better that she goes home. Presidente told me that my new companion is also having health troubles and so she's only going to be here until they can get her returned worked out and after this I'll have another companion. Crazy! 

Well I've already used more time than I should have. I'll try to be more responsible with my time next week and update you more.

 Love you all!

Hermana Schmidt

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